FiSH STiCKS takes off! (updated 10/24)


About FiSH STiCKS:

Welcome to the FiSH STiCKS blog, neighbors! Where all things FiSH STiCKS-related will be housed. 

FiSH STiCKS is a new community art project designed by neighborhood artist/educator Judybeth Greene.  It entails hand-making fish from clay to put on curvy yard sticks to visually reflect that all of us unique individuals are swimming in this world together. FiSH STiCKS is a community art intervention, designed to bring a diverse neighborhood into more active engagement and create a deeper sense of connection and support.

FiSH STiCKS is supported by a project grant from the Takoma Foundation administered through Arts on the Block.  Logistical support was provided during the kick off event by several Takoma Park middle schoolers involved in Difference Makers, and Michelle Faulkner-Forner, from Arts on the Block.   The FiSH will be cooked (bisque-fired & glaze-fired) at kilns at the Takoma Park Recreation Center and the Corcoran School of Art/George Washington University. 

Time Line:

Phase 1: Making the FiSH began on 10/14/18  New Hampshire Gardens neighbors can reach out to Judybeth if you missed it and want to make FiSH on Sunday, October 28 at 3 pm (to RSVP text 202-425-6772)

Phase 2: Glazing the FiSH Sunday, October 28 from 4-6 pm @ Glenside Art Studio). If you can’t make it on October 28th, we will also offer a second opportunity for glazing on Saturday, November 3rd from 4-6 pm  (to RSVP text 202-425-6772)

Phase 3: Pick up Glazed Fish, Add STiCKS and embellishments:                                        Sunday, November 11th from 9-11 am

Phase 4: Live Interview on WOWD Talk of Takoma with editor/host Eric Bond on Sunday, November 11th @ 2 pm  (looking for neighborhood participants to join Judybeth for interview)

Making the FiSH

On Saturday, October 14th, we kicked off the FiSH STiCKS project at the New Hampshire Gardens Community Association’s Fall Festival.  The festival itself had a great turnout, largely due to the hard work of the neighborhood association including Hannah Guedenet, Hayley Carpenter, and Carolyn Bobb.

People were at our booth non-stop from the time we started. Okay, so it was raining and the fact that we a tent helped… but still, they came.  First came the Difference Makers, 8-10 middle schoolers who learned how to make clay fish.  Then they and Michelle Forner from AOB helped me teach many people in the neighborhood, English and Spanish speakers of all ages, how to make their own clay fish.  By the end of the festival there were 39 fish made, along with several other clay pieces.

Here are photos taken by Michelle Forner-Faulkner:

community mingling fish

hands on fish making

young girl & fisheleanor&fishPlus a few Naveen took documenting the process (we’ll figure out a way to share her documentary step-by-step videos at some point, too)IMG_3593:


And a few I took:IMG_3631IMG_3625

Thanks again to all the neighbors and volunteers who joined us to begin this new community journey!

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