FiSH STiCKS Featured in ART HOP in Takoma Park MD!

FiSH made by Sawyer, Abby, Alana, Judybeth, Josie and others are among the many FiSH displayed at the front of ACE Hardware in Takoma Park, MD during Takoma’s ART HOP, April 26-28, 2019.

This display gave us the opportunity to share how working with ceramics in a community can help people to access their creativity and make new local connections. It showed the multi-stage process of creating ceramic FiSH: the bisque fired FiSH and the glazed FiSH (the second step in the process). This display also highlighted the incredible array of different techniques and approached individuals bring to the process of creating. And these FiSH are all are swimming well together, with their differences enhancing the exhibit.

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