FiSH STiCKS awarded MSAC Creativity Grant!!!!

Here’s a very big thank you to the Maryland State Arts Council for awarding Judybeth a 2019 Creativity Grant to hold 3 more FiSH-making and community building workshops and another FiSH STiCKS release party at her Glenside Art Studio in Takoma Park.

So far, we’ve held two of the three workshops and participation keeps growing! We had 15 people at the first workshop and 32 at the second!!!! Our next neighborhood workshop is on Sunday May 19th from 1-4 pm.

Future posts will have many NEW photos and FiSH stories. We will also share more stories about and from the Difference Makers of Takoma Park Middle School, administered by Bryan Goehring. Without the help of Difference-Makers, this stepped up level of service would not be possible, so I want to share that story. I will also be sharing the story of Joe Bradley who has fired over 100 FiSH for us at the Corcoran School of Arts & Design.

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