The FiSH-Makers & their stories (part I)

Leule is one of the Difference Makers at a local middle school.  He came early to the party to help out and he helped other participants make FiSH, glaze FiSH and asked some FiSH-Makers about their FiSH.   This is the story of Luele’ FiSH:

“My fish represents how diverse I am because there are 5 different colors. There are also streaks representing sort of like DNA lines or something. Blue and Green are my favorite colors, also.”
Nikola is also a Difference Maker, who helped out a large number of people at the NHGCA Fall Festival in building their clay FiSH.
Wyatt and Ellie show off their FiSH
Amelia, Quincy & FiSH. (PS: Amelia is an elementary school teacher with mad skills in ceramics!). Quincy shows he’s got skills, too.
checking out the newly glazed FiSH at Judybeth’s Glenside Art Studio.
Elijah’s inventive deep-diving FiSH

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