FiSH STiCKS swim!!!

On Sunday, November 18, about 20 people came by to pick up (or glaze) their FiSH, and add the STiCKS.  We had a really nice time looking at what all this combined creativity brought into being.  Ben and Barb Frey brought a tasty lentil stew with rice, and Judybeth had a full array of bagels and cream cheese so no one when hungry.

checking out the newly glazed FiSH at Judybeth’s Glenside Art Studio.
slightly  fishy….
                                            The First Group of FiSH released!!!!!
                                                                     Seis preciosos peces!!!
Judybeth, Ben, Michelle, Barb and Luele outside Glenside Art studio holding FiSH made by a number of folks. Michelle is the Community Arts Coordinator for Arts on the Block (the fiscal agent for this program) and has been instrumental in helping the project work on site, with her warm presence, strong photography chops, and FiSH-making skills.  
    Michelle showing Barb and Ben how to make thir FiSH 3-D
                                      32 Glaze-fired FiSH….. Most swam home but….
                                              a few FiSH remain to be picked up!!!!!
                                                                                                  (And then we’ll tell their stories)

There are a few FiSH left still waiting for glazing, and the FiSH-makers who made them are welcome to reach out to Judybeth to arrange a time to glaze them.

We also continued to make more FiSH, particularly because the adults did not get a chance earlier,  and some of the FiSH makers who did not get to glaze their FISH at earlier sessions were able to do so at the party.

Clay fish, house, starfish, jellyfish, snake in a box and sockeyed salmon were also created at the party and will be bisque-fired soon.

NEXT Blog post will feature the participants in FiSH STiCKS, their FiSH and their thoughts!!!!!

FiSH STiCKS is brought to you with a grant from the Takoma Foundation, administered by Arts on the Block, with logistical support from Difference Makers.  Joe Bradley, the 3D Studio Coordinator at Corcoran School of Art & Design/George Washington University generously donated his time and the school’s large kilns to bisque-fire and glaze-fire our FiSH.  

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