Welcome to the FiSH STiCKS blog, Where all things FiSH STiCKS-related will be housed. 

FiSH STiCKS is a new community art project designed by neighborhood artist/educator Judybeth Greene.  It entails hand-making fish from clay to put on curvy yard sticks to visually reflect that all of us unique individuals are swimming in this world together. FiSH STiCKS is a community art “intervention”, designed to bring a diverse neighborhood into more active engagement and create a deeper sense of connection and support.

FiSH STiCKS is supported in part by: *Maryland State Arts Council (Creativity Grant 2018/2019) *Takoma Foundation  (Project Grant 2018) administered through Arts on the Block.  *Difference Makers (2018-2019) (middle school volunteers coordinated by Bryan Goehring) *Michelle Faulkner-Forson, (2018-present), Community Arts Coordinator, Arts on the Block.  *Joe Bradley, (2015-present), 3D Studio Coordinator, Studio Arts|Corcoran School of Arts & Design/George Washington University (bisque & glaze firing)


Judybeth’s vision is that this project can be expanded throughout Takoma and beyond, using this blog as a central collection hub to share ideas and discoveries learned through this process.  Read on to learn more about the process, the project and the individual FiSH stories…..

4 thoughts on “About FiSH STiCKS”

  1. The combination of artistic expression and community engagement here is powerful. Productive discourse often requires a common purpose, and creation is a purpose in which we can all be invested. As someone who works at the intersection of free speech and community engagement in my own work, I’m grateful to learn about projects like this one.

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  2. Thank you Ms. Judybeth for giving me and my sister an opportunity to have fun making our fish sticks with other people! My sister says that she liked documenting other people’s works and had fun making the fish sticks, just like me! They turned out very nice and I’m glad to have made them. Thanks again, Bintou and Navine.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your gifts, JudyBeth! This is such a special project and congrats on launching your blog. Thank you for creating a space for all to come together through art to enhance our unique and inclusive community.

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  4. I love everything about this project! Judybeth, you are a treasure and you truly make the world a better place- in your work and in your personal time. XXOO

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