The many colors of FiSH GLAZING

The FiSH looked like this after they were bisque-fired: 


Then on Saturday October 18th, many neighbors and teenage Difference Makers came to glaze their FiSH. The photos below speak for themselves.  There was lots of excitement and color experimentation.  Personally, I learned a lot about how I need to restructure my studio space for a lot of people! What did you get out of this experience?                  Please add your comments! 

For folks who still have FiSH to glaze, we are holding a second opportunity to glaze on Saturday November 3rd from 4-6 pm  (to RSVP text 202-425-6772). 

We are going to have a live interview on public radio with WOWD Talk of Takoma with editor/host Eric Bond on Sunday, November 11th @ 2 pm  (I’d love to have a few participants come with me to discuss it, so please RSVP to 202-425-6772 if you would like to do so).   Then we will have a FiSH STiCKS RELEASE PARTY on Sunday November 18th!  See next blog post for details (we had to postpone release one week so we could get all the FiSH glaze-fired).

My photos from October 28th glazing event:IMG_3723IMG_3729IMG_3727IMG_3719IMG_3728Photos by Ivana Mancic:


I can’t wait to see what these look like once they are fired with these bright glazes!

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